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Direct Online Compensation

  Welcome to FPLLC Referral Rewards... Direct Online Compensation (DOC)


We understand the role businesses and entrepreneurs, religious institutions, schools and others play in community development. Strong businesses need non-profits; non-profits need strong businesses; and both need effective and helpful government for a thriving community. DOC is the result of a fundamental shift in our advertising paradigm and a response to helping families in difficult economic times. Our marketing programs include not only traditional direct to consumer advertising, but now we've incorporated the latest technology including e-mail, integrated e-commerce and social networking solutions. Yet, we realized the best networks involved partnering directly through mutually beneficial relationships with individuals like you. It is that collaboration we hope you will see as a great potential long-term benefit for you and your family.


Partnering with you is one of the best ways to reach our target audience, eliminate costly advertising, and simultaneously fulfill our company's commitment to provide income opportunities for individuals and support charitable causes through our companion DOC institutional fundraiser program. We're committed to being an industry leader that models the best business practices. Our commitment includes giving back such as helping Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami, and Haitian relief efforts, or distributing free innovative faith-based materials, and providing a subsidized venue to help more authors and artists promote and sell their works to a wider audience. From fundraising initiatives for non-profits and direct support of education and scholarship programs, to proprietary publishing encouraging interfaith relations, we're guided by a belief and a comprehensive business approach that through the power of words, together we can remake the world. Thank you for partnering with us.


Partnering through Direct Online Compensation™


Supplement your monthly income with the FAMACO Direct Online Compensation™ (DOC) Program. Now in addition to helping schools, religious institutions, family reunion groups and civic organizations raise funds every day, we're helping individuals earn monthly income with:


No inventory · No Selling ·  No collecting of monies ·  No ordering of merchandise ·  No delivery of product ·  No mandatory quotas ·  No time constraints · No multi-level marketing or gimmicks


How does DOC work?

DOC is a referral program that enables you to benefit from sales to purchasers anywhere in the U.S. who order online* at our website using your unique DOC Referral Code. You simply refer friends, family, co-workers or anyone by providing your code to them to shop online at our website. FAMACO does the rest, from processing the order and shipping directly to your supporter, to providing a monthly summary of sales and payment to you.


How is my personal DOC referral code entered?

After a purchaser finishes adding items to his shopping cart and clicks the check out button, he will see the following: " Have a special promo code? Enter it here." Your code is entered and the purchaser clicks the apply button. Our e-commerce site captures your code which is uniquely assigned to you. That's how we know the purchase is being made under your promo code.


What is the recommended method for distributing my Code?

Any method you deem effective and appropriate is fine. From emailing and texting your code, to passing it on via social networking, try as many methods as you like. Please let us know if you find a method especially helpful, so we can share your observations with other participants. Always share your code along with our website address.


What compensation will I receive through DOC?

DOC provides you 10% of the purchase amount (excluding shipping & handling) remaining after all customer discounts and transaction fees have been applied. Custom printing and publishing services for products not carried as standard inventory items on our website are not included in the DOC program. The following illustration is a sample only based on current shipping, handling and fee charges applicable at the time illustration was prepared.




Total Purchase Amount


Customer Discount


Transaction Fees


Remaining Balance


Your referral award (10% of $92.29)







The illustration above is for a single purchase. If ten (10) purchasers in a day use your code following the above illustration, your proceeds would total $92.30 for the day.  This example is hypothetical. Your promo code could be used more or less frequently and thus your referral award could be greater or less than shown.  All references to income, implied or stated are for illustrative purposes only.  Any award or example of income are estimations only.  FAMACO does not guarantee any level of award or earnings.


There is no guarantee you’ll do as well. You must accept all risk of potential earnings or lack thereof.  Any and all claims or representations of earnings are not to be considered as standard or average earnings. There is no guarantee that any prior success, or past success, as to financial earnings, can be used as an indication of your future success or earnings. We make no guarantees-express or implied-regarding your experiences and results.


By purchasing and using our products and services, you are expressly agreeing to assume the risk associated with their use and are agreeing that our company is not responsible for any losses you experience. Success with DOC results only from referral efforts that result in use of your promo code to successfully complete a purchase transaction in accordance with criteria of the DOC Program. DOC does require some degree of effort and communication with a prospective purchaser.


Will a purchaser receive any extra benefit for using my DOC Code?

Yes, and it's one of the unique features of DOC. Not only do you receive a portion of the sale, but the customer also receives a 5% instant discount off their shopping cart excluding shipping, just for using your DOC Code. DOC rewards you and the purchaser.


When and how will I receive my proceeds?

Once a month, on or before the 15th, we’ll send you a statement of purchasers, amount purchased, and a check or PayPal payment for the prior month. We won’t issue zero dollar or unchanged sales reports and the minimum monthly check or PayPal payment we will generate must be at least $25. If the amount of proceeds available is under $25, we will maintain your balance as a credit until the next month. If after 120 days the balance payable to you is still less than $25, we will issue a check or PayPal payment. A monthly sales period begins on the first day of each calendar month and ends on the last day of each calendar month. Sales transactions never completed and expenses for returned checks or other charge backs reduce proceeds. Note Paypal deducts a small transaction fee when you receive payment via Paypal.


Does DOC guarantee a monthly payment?

No. We cannot guarantee a purchaser will order any particular month, and therefore cannot guarantee proceeds to you. You receive credit when a purchaser uses your personal promotional code to make an online purchase.


Is DOC a residual or long term contract arrangement?

No. DOC is simply a recurring purchase referral program. Proceeds are calculated only when your unique DOC promotion code is used to purchase online. In the event DOC is discontinued or your participation ends, you will receive all award amounts earned through the period of your participation.  We reserve the right to modify DOC with changes posted on our website.


Are there any membership fees or mandatory quotas?



What other requirements are there?

Proceeds you receive may be subject to federal, state or local taxes. You are advised to consult with your tax planner, since FAMACO Publishers, LLC does not withhold taxes from DOC proceeds. We may be required to prepare a Form 1099 for your Tax ID once proceeds reach a threshold amount; in that case, you will be required to provide your Social Security Number and/or Employer Identification Number for IRS reporting purposes. For administrative processing and reporting, we will need on file your address, telephone and other contact information. You must also state that you are not subject to backup withholding because (a) you are exempt from backup withholding; (b) you have not been notified by the IRS that you are subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends, or (c) the IRS has notified you that you are no longer subject to backup withholding. You must also be a U.S. person and not registering as a foreign entity as defined in IRS Code Section 7701(a)(30). DOC is not available for foreign entities.


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If you have questions, please email us at: sales@famacopublishers.com or call (904) 434-5901.


* DOC is currently restricted to merchandise delivered to U.S. addresses. We reserve the right to exempt certain items from standard DOC Compensation including already discounted group acquisition merchandise.



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